Search Engine Optimization for Medical Spas

Are you looking for medical spa SEO Services to help your business get the best online presence? The medical spa industry is booming and has even unseated plastic surgery as the most popular cosmetic practice in America. The medical spa market is huge and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s projected to grow over 7 percent year after year through 2024. 

This means the competition will only get more fierce. We at Venture Media can provide you with the necessary assistance needed to get more patients into your medical spa. We have a team of experts who can provide the best services that will help you exceed your goals.

Why do Medical Spas need SEO Services

You will need effective search engine marketing strategies to reach the top in the results. Optimizing your website, adding the right keywords and building your link profile all play pivotal roles in growing site traffic and acquiring new patients.

Your customers check multiple review sites such as Yelp, Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit. Being a business owner, or a medspa owner, is already very hectic. Because of this, it can be difficult to become a marketer for your own business. A medical spa is no different than any other business and you should treat it the same way. Investing in SEO just like any other business does will help to keep you ahead of your competitors.

The more potential customers you reach, the more money your business can make. Your presence on the web is a way to bring in new customers, but only if you’re there when they’re looking to see what you have to offer. Without proper SEO for your practice, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue— allow us to fix that.

medical spa search engine optimization

Medical Spa SEO: Increase Website Visibility and Rankings

Medical spa SEO is the process of attracting quality traffic to your site with the goal of converting that traffic into a lead. In order to get an edge over your competition, there are specific SEO tactics you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy. This includes ranking higher in both organic and local search results to reach more potential patients.

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Begin With Keyword Research

Discover which keywords and terms are most effective for your practice in order to develop your SEO strategy. This includes:

  • Search terms that are specific to your service— topics for blogs typically work well
  • Keywords that are used in searches with purchasing intent
  • Brand terms— which are keywords that contain your brand name or other trademarked terms

In addition, you’ll want to consider the best patient interest topics, decision stage topics, long-tail keywords and local keywords.

Take a Look at Your Competitors

Don’t be afraid to look at your competition— think of it as studying. Part of your SEO strategy should involve examining what your competitors are doing well and what they are doing poorly. 

Failure to examine competitor marketing strategies is a missed opportunity to gather important data and to grow your medspa’s marketing strategy. How can you ever beat someone you haven’t taken a good look at? You can’t. 

A competitor analysis examines your competitor’s website, target audience, current ranking positions, content marketing efforts and backlink profile. This allows you to better learn how to improve your site traffic and therefore, your brand as a whole. 

After gathering information about keywords and analyzing your competitors, it’s time to optimize your website.

med spa search engine optimization
seo for medical spa

Optimize for Conversions

Investing in premium content, designing a top-of-the-line website, and designing an SEO strategy doesn’t mean the campaign is complete. It is essential that these internet marketing methods convert that increased traffic into new patients.

Keep a close eye on conversion factors such as:

  • Analytics: See what’s performing well and what needs to be improved upon
  • Advanced Page Design: Guide visitors’ attention to a specific area of your web page in order to influence their interaction with a form or phone number
  • Content: Help potential patients find answers to their questions and learn more about your practice
  • Heat Mapping: Track site visitors’ actions in order to improve user experience

Great SEO for the medspa industry doesn’t stop there— it should go beyond on-site strategies.

Focusing on Local Search

The process of building links is time consuming, but we will do all the work for you using a number of things that are standard when building links, including:

  • Broken link building— includes finding 404 pages to re-write old posts and contacting the sites that are still linked to the old URL
  • Guest blogging— finding and engaging guest bloggers to make guest posts that include a link to your website
  • Creating linkable assets— resources that would be beneficial for other websites to link to and spreading the word about your practice and expertise
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Building Backlinks

The process of building links is time consuming, but we do it for our clients. We use a number of things that are generally done when building links, including:

Broken link building – includes finding 404 pages and re-writing the old posts, and contacting the sites that are still linked to the old URL.

Guest blogging – manually finding and engaging guest bloggers to post guest posts that include a link to your website

Creating Linkable Assets – resources that would be beneficial to other websites to link to and spreading the word about your practice and expertise

Monitor and Track Your SEO Results

It is crucial to track your local SEO campaign’s performance so that you can identify areas that need work and determine where to focus. There are several ways to track your results, but these three metrics are the most crucial:

  • Rankings: 

The higher your ranking and visibility, the more likely prospects will find your site. The better your SEO efforts, the higher your ranking and the better your visibility. This is critical considering that only a quarter of web users ever look past the first page of search results.

  • Traffic:

Google Analytics helps to easily track your website traffic. You can see your total traffic, the traffic for each individual web page and how many people make their way to your site through Google search results. 

  • Conversions: 

You can track and measure conversions for both your website and phone channels. Once you identify your conversions, you can analyze which of your pages have the lowest and highest conversion rates.


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search engine optimization for medical spa

Med Spa SEO: Why You Need It

There is fierce competition in the medical spa industry for online traffic. More and more consumers are considering cosmetic procedures like Botox® injections, IV therapy, laser hair removal, and more. Using effective SEO and Google Adwords strategies will bring in steady traffic— which translates to more patients. 

Search engines look for sites that provide relevant information related to searches. Your website must be optimized to provide the best possible user experience. Additionally, it must contain sufficient content and keywords that will rank you higher in search results. Remember, a majority of people don’t look past the first page of results.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the experts in digital marketing for medspas. We’ll discuss your practice and tell you exactly what we can do to help increase your lead generation.

Our medical spa SEO experts have the tools to help your practice thrive. We don’t just take a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we work to create a customized, tailored-to-you SEO strategy which produces tangible results that you will notice immediately.

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