With today’s reliance on technology and the internet, many businesses are turning to an advertisement tactic known as geofencing to remain relevant and growing. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a targeted marketing technique that allows for businesses to hyper-localize their advertisements to consumers within a precise location. Businesses can set up defined, virtual geographic boundaries known as a geofence and target advertisements to consumers within it. 

We have all been there: You walk into a store, open your phone and get targeted advertisements for that business. Chances are, that establishment uses geofencing to better reach customers that might find their services of use. 

Geofencing allows you to specify a location in which you want to target your advertisements. This becomes increasingly useful in densely populated areas, where competition is high and the population is diverse. WIth this marketing technique, you can narrow your target and better grow your business. 

How it Works

Geofencing works on a location basis in which an app or site uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to put forth a pre-programmed advertisement when a mobile device or computer is within a determined geofence. 

For example, if a business that sells car parts sets up a geofence for a specified area, you will probably get an advertisement for car parts when entering or passing through that location if you scroll on social media or the internet with one of your devices. 

Why it Works

We live in the age of the smartphone and businesses must adapt to that in order to keep up. The average person doesn’t go a day without checking social media or the internet in general on their mobile device— many people are guilty of checking several times each hour. By utilizing a marketing technique such as our geofencing services, you can out-advertise competitors in your area by popping up on more people’s screen more frequently. 

Where it Works

Lucky for you as a business owner, geofencing can be utilized anywhere! Because of its customizability, this remains one of the most useful advertisement tactics in the modern era. We will work with you to pre-determine locations in the real world that we think will increase your business. From there, it’s as simple as setting up the geofence and sitting back to watch as real people interact with your advertisements.

Geofencing guarantees that more people see your advertisements— ensuring that your business has ample opportunity to grow. 

Geofencing Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of geofencing is the ability to directly take eyes away from your opponent. If you offer a better deal than a rival business, but they still seem to be doing more sales than you, geofencing should be your next step. A geofence can be set up around a rival, meaning that when people are at their store, they may get advertisements for your business and the better deals you offer. At the end of the day, everyone wants a better deal, but some just need help finding it. Geofencing mitigates that divide. 

Another plus to geofencing is the ability to fence large events. If there is a concert or festival in town, it might be worth it to set up geofences within the event’s parameters. This means that you can reach a lot of people quickly. As you know, the more people you reach, the more people you sell to. It’s that simple. 

A Growing Technique

Geofencing techniques are constantly changing and the ability to set up multiple fences means that you can play around with different advertising strategies. 

We will help you stay up-to-date and use the most efficient geofences possible. It takes hard work to curate an audience and even more work to convert them into returning customers. It is our duty to help make that process easier.